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Frapin Perfumes
Named for the year the Frapin family established itself in the Cognac region of France (and continues to make cognac to this day), 1270 was created by Beatrice Cointreau, great granddaughter of Pierre Frapin. Together with Frapin's Cellar Master, she sought to create a noble fragrance full of the scents surrounding the creation of cognac. 1270 is dry, rich, velvety and smooth. The flowers of the once-proud Folle Blanche (a grape nearly extinct from the region), the vineyard grass, the wine warehouse, the rich smell of damp earth in the cellars, the wood of new casks, the loamy smell of humus where the ancestral cognacs are stored– all these notes can be detected in 1270. Gorgeous is putting it mildly... this scent defies flowery prose........ A true masterpiece!
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Caravelle Epicée takes its name from the spice ships of long ago, but there is nothing remotely aquatic or damp here Frapin Nevermore EDP Sp 100ml With soft wafts of lemon and grapefruit and a woody aromatic base makes this scent complex yet refreshing. A true delight!
Spicy Woodsy Floral Spice Woody Aromatic
The lovechild scent of fine cognac and wood notes:  cedar, patchouli, & leather notes. Speak easy: those were the words whispered to clients in illegal bars during the Prohibition Inspiration of this fragrance denotes: A scent of sun and earth.
Spice Oriental Woody Oriental
1270, Humanist, 1697