Ramon Monegal Fragrances

Ramon Monegal comes from a long and distinguished line of the most important perfumers in Barcelona, Spain. After studying and working with perfumes since 1972, Ramon Monegal became an independent perfumist in 2007 to pursue his vision of unlimited creativity in fragrance. His ingenuity allows him to discover some of the best niche fragrances available that will excite and entice your senses. Ramon Monegal perfume captures a wide range of human emotions and feelings and uses his 30 plus years of experience to do that. He uses a perfect balance of both natural ingredients and man-made molecules to make the perfect complex new perfumes that are luxurious to use.

Buy Perfumes Online & In-Store

At the Perfume Shoppe, we have a variety of Ramon Monegal scents available in several sized bottles for your convenience. Some of his popular fragrances are Cotton Must, Umbra and Kiss My Name. The bottles are designed to resemble inkwells to highlight Ramon Monegal's other source of inspiration, literature. The Perfume Shoppe offers travel size bottles of any scent and a unisex sample set with five 1.5 milliliter bottles of preselected fragrances. You can buy perfumes online or visit our store at Mix at Southbridge in Scottsdale, AZ to try out new samples. You can also get a complimentary perfume consultation via phone (480-991-3446) to talk to our experts who can help you understand the best scents for you.