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Amouage Perfumes & Candles

Amouage Fragrances is from the land of Arabian charm and mystic, carrying with it an extravagant prominence. The premium elixirs showcase a daring combination of Middle Eastern ingredients such as agarwood, Frankincense, musk, rose, with spices used by modern perfumers from Europe. As one of the best perfumes for women and men, Amouage is name synonym with luxury. Most of the perfumes come in traditional designs that represent Oman, the origin of this niche designer brand.

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Amouage Opus, Jubilation & Much More

Amouage Opus aims to bridge the divide between the genders. Being exotic is a priority selecting primary ingredients, and scents of diverse international origins merge together with astonishing fluidity. Brisk sentimentality is nicely expressed with their signature offering Memoir. This aromatic whirlwind can inexplicably trigger sweet reminiscence in ways other synthetic scents cannot comprehend. Meanwhile, Amouage Jubilation embodies the essence of exuberant liveliness. With bright floral tones and an overall woodiness, this vibrant perfume is guaranteed to elicit an enthusiastic reception.

Niche Perfumes Online

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