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The Aoud Collection

“The facets of Aoud are endless and its olfactory qualities exceptional.
The more I work the Aoud, the more I know him, the more he reveals wealth and makes us want to create around him. It is a matter of a vertiginous depth, which converses a mystery of which we have the silage. Each fragrance is a possibility to highlight an aspect of Aoud, according to different harmonies.
The Aoud is indomitable, demanding, its texture is unique. It imposes patience. Both in the process that allows it to be obtained, once deposited on the skin. Its wake is intense, fluid and present. Its elegance makes it awaken the senses with subtlety. It is a generous matter which gives happiness and beauty.” - Pierre Montale

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Aoud Perfumes

In addition, browse our vast collection of Aoud perfumes online or in-store. Come check out our store located in Southbridge if you live in Scottsdale-Phoenix area in Arizona. To learn more about Aoud perfumes or find out which one suits your personality the best, give us a call at 480-991-3446 to talk to our perfume specialists and get your complimentary perfume consultation.