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The perfect surprise... 5 Amy Detroit, Michigan While on a trip to Vancouver for a conference, my boyfriend happened to stumble upon The Perfume Shoppe. Remembering that I was out of my favorite perfume, he asked a very helpful woman (who he later found out was Nazrin) to find the perfect scent for me. After he told her all about me, she suggested La Chasse aux Papillons by L'Artisan... and after smelling it, he realized it was perfect for me! He surprised me with it when he got back home and I loved it too! I've gotten so many compliments and I smile each time I put it on.

Thanks for everything, I can't wait to come see your place for myself!

Loveliness personified 5 Frederic Woodbridge Boise, ID I am compelled to write in praise of Nazrin and The Perfume Shoppe!  The soul of friendliness and grace, Nazrin bent over backwards to get my birthday present in the mail and to me as quickly as possible.  I am positively delighted to recommend Nasrin in the highest possible terms. 11/28/2006

A la nuit de jasmine 5 Ray Dixon UK Couldn't get this discontinued perfume anywhere, until I came here. One email and this fragrance was found and shipped to me within days. My fiance will be delighted with her surprise Christmas present!  Excellent customer service.  Highly recommended! 12/14/2006

Miel de Bois 5 Shannon US Lovely, but smell exactly like Cielo from Napa Valley.  The opening is intense and makes one wonder why on earth they put this on, but it quickly mellows to a soft lovely earthy honey scent.  But alas, as stated before, I would be hard pressed to tell the difference between this and Cielo. 12/18/2006

Wonderful Naz! 5 Leslie Fears Atlanta, GA USA This is, hands down, the best customer service I have ever received.  The perfumes arrived safe and sound, and it only took 9 days total from Canada to US.  She included wonderful samples.  Ordering was easy.  She was amazing and sweet!  Highly recommended. 12/14/2006

Outstanding. 5 R. Rutland Ottawa I have now made two purchases from The Perfume Shoppe, both from the Aoud line from Montale. I looked elsewhere for these fragrances, which are quite diffcult to find. I was absolutely delighted to find a high-end fragrance retailer here in Canada that carries Montale, and to my even greater delight I discovered that the prices offered by the Perfume Shoppe are significantly better than any other online retailer. Moreover, the items were shipped to me much faster than any other retailer I've done business with (and I've purchased from quite a few). As if that isn't enough, they thoughtfully included samples of other scents that had obviously been carefully selected based on my own personal preferences. I will without a doubt continue to order all my fragrances from The Perfume Shoppe and would encourage anyone else who appreciates high quality fragrances to do the same.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful 5 Sophie Yin Sydney, Australia I would just like to say that I am very impressed with the wonderful products, wonderful price and wonderful service provided by this website. I have been looking for one special perfume for a while and was directed here accidentally by search engine.

My questions were always answered within 15 minutes and my order was delivered to my house in Australia within ten days with 3 generous samples for free.

That's really beyond my expectation, Incredible!!!!

Simply the Best 5 Howard Sangwine Calgary Naz,

You are an absolute pleasure. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate your suggestions, attention to detail and prompt delivery. In our brief conversation you nailed my tastes down. I look forward to our next discussion in the very near future.  Calgary, Alberta

Nazrin A Jewel of the Nile. 5 Annely Lentz Terrace B.C Her warm charm,pure poetic passion towards her traditional legacy in the perfume trade, makes her sensitivity to the needs of every womans desire to find a perfect scent, the pure inner scent. The true meaning of being a woman. Dignified,elegant and passionate.She is truly a Jewel of the Nile.Thank-You once again Nazrin for all your thoughtful help.Sincerely yours Annely.....  Terrace, B.C. 2/3/2007

Serge Lutens order 5 John Wroughton Oslo, Norway I was so elated to see my first order of genuine Serge Lutens (Ambre Sultan) come through just fine.  What an amazing fragrance that is IMHO!  The excitement of opening the package reminded me of Chistmas when I was a kid.  It was so evident that Nazrin had 'gone out of her way' in the packaging -  including samples - some which she had decanted herself! - which I had expressed an interest in when I placed my order. Thank you so much, Nazrin! Oslo, Norway 2/4/2007

Wow!! 5 Allison Vancouver, BC Thank-you so much for all your help today.  Your knowledge of fragrance and what would work for me was so bang on! I came away with a beautiful scent that I am so happy with.  Your shop is fantastic and so are you! 2/28/2007

Fantastic shopping experience 5 Atilla Istanbul-TURKEY Simply fantastic.Nazrin is so kind and nice and the products and the prices are fabulous.I received my order in just one week and I live literally on the other side of the world.
Thanks Naz.
You have a loyal customer.

the best! 5 )eannie  )oseph Langley, BC My first ever visit to The Perfume Shoppe was years ago when I went to do some personal shopping for my sister who lived across the country. Naz spent over an hour with me helping me pick out just the right fragrances my sister would enjoy. After a selection of several Villoresi scents and a bottle of Merchant Loup Naz took the time to select for me several gorgeous samples of fragrances I've come to love. This really is the best place to shop for perfume and spend some time with someone who is both charming and dedicated. 3/30/2007

Nazrin 5 Isabelle Los Angeles, Ca I always love to discover unusual perfumes. Last year I discovered The Perfume Shoppe in Vancover.  I was so pleased with Nazrin's choices for my perfume personality.  She has a great nose and knowledge in selecting the right fragrance for your individuality.  I decided from now on to buy fragrances exclusivly from Nazrin's shop. 3/16/2007

Fantastic customer service 5 Abbie Wirth East Ryegate, VT 05042 It's such a pleasure to do business with Nazrin. Her kindness, consideration, and knowledge of perfume make it so easy. Thank you so much, Nazrin! 3/5/2007

Delightful 5 Stacey NY Thank you so much for the delightful perfume shopping experience. I was so pleased to receive my selected bottle packed with several beautiful sample selections fom Naz. What a treat! I would purchase again and recommend The Perfume Shoppe to any fan of hard to find perfumes and great customer service! 4/16/2007

Incredible Customer Service 5 Paul Palm Springs, CA My partner and I recently traveled to Vancouver for a cruise.  I came upon this shop which was elegantly decorated.  I happened inside where I was promptly greeted by Naz.  She invited me to sit and enjoy while she asked me a number of questions regarding my fragrance preference.  I spent around a half an hour with her, during which time I never felt as if she was rushing me to buy so she could help the next customer.  She paid very careful attention to what I was saying and I left with the Cedre Sandaraque.  Naz's customer service and & acute; of perfumes are, bar none, the best I have ever experienced. 5/6/2007

thank you 5 Elina and ileana California Naz thank you so much for all your help when we call to order our perfumes, you are such a big help on the phone and we love our Montale perfumes that we ordered. We also appreciate the samples you send us and your patience. We will be in contact with you again shortly because thanks to your samples we cannot stop buying perfume now. Hope to talk to you soon and thanks again. 5/21/2007

Nazrin is pure genius!! 5 Robin Vancouver This sophisticated, open, totally approachable proprietress is a mindreader!! She knows even before you do which scents will 'click' with your personality, your chemistry and your deepest desires. She is worth her weight in precious aromatics. 6/15/2007

Exceptional in every way!! 5 Sandra Smith BC, Canada Nazrin, thank you so much for the delightful fragrance shopping experiences you gave me. Finding The Perfume Shoppe at the end of a long day of trying to replace a much loved scent was like stumbling upon an oasis. You listened carefully to what I said about my fragrance preferences and you introduced me to a world of exclusive perfumes that I had no idea existed. When I had trouble deciding exactly which was right for me, your patience and your interest in ensuring that I was perfectly happy led me in exactly the right direction. I couldn't be happier with my choices (Parfumerie Generale L'Ombre Fauve and Ilang Ivohibe as well as an old favourite Rochas Byzance). I will be certain to recommend you to all my friends. You have a customer for life! 6/10/2007

Sample Program 5 Heather
Fredericton I happened across this website when searching for perfume samples. I had iffy luck on ebay. I was looking for Comptoir Sud pacifique but decided to check out the other perfumes offered here. I picked 10 samples just by the names. I could tell that the perfumes offered here would be a cut above the average perfume, and I am very fussy. They just arrived and I am thrilled! Im looking forward to purchasing more and having Nazrin pick some out for me. Thankyou! 6/28/2007

A Magical Place 5 Paul Santa Cruz, California Nazrin is helpful, knowledgeable, attentive, and a real sweetheart, too! Visiting her shop was a highlight of our recent trip to Vancouver  we'll be back! 8/15/2007

Magical Visit 5 Kita San Marcos, California I recently had the great good luck to visit Nazrin in her Shoppe in Vancouver.

She has an unerring sense for matching her customers with fragrances, and is happy to take the time to share her passion for fine perfumes with you in an atmosphere of journey and discovery and wonder.

What a joy it was to settle into that space of sharing in her immaculate shop in an unhurried fashion. I had the feeling that the discovery of each fragrance on a unique client was as fresh and exciting for her as it was for me!

Thank you for sharing your expertise and wonder Nazrin! You're a gem!

be enchanted 5 Michael McCoy Vancouver BC Spend an enchanting time with an enchanting woman.  Never knew that my own city had such an incredible shop.  It was a joy to spend time sampling and talking about our mutual love of scents.  Living or visiting here do not miss the experience!!!! nor the opportunity to buy such wonderful product. 8/31/2007

Perfumes Extraordinaire 5 Nick Klinick Vancouver I work nearby and I pop in a few times (or more) a year to chat with Nazrin and purchase perfume for my daughter. She has such a warm, friendly nature that you want to just stay and chat with her or have her show you more samples. It is a treat to meet such a professional person that treats us like we want to be treated.
Oh, by the way, she loves anything chocolate, the sweeter the better!

Nick, a very happy customer!!!!

The best! 5 ML Toronto, Canada I finally made it (Sept 2007) to Nazrin's magic potion 'shoppe' in downtown Vancouver. I spent a lovely 40 minutes with her and her elixirs, leaving with something wonderful in a little bag. The best part? Nazrin educates you and shares her extensive knowledge of precious ingredients and the world of niche fragrances. An extraordinary place worthy of repeated visits and purchases. Naz, the Route de Vetiver really rocks and I can't wait to get my hands on more of the Villoresi Yerbamaté. 9/28/2007

Professional Assistance 5 Marcia San Francisco, CA I ordered some samples from the Perfume Shoppe website several months ago and Nazrin sent me an additional complimentary sample that she chose herself. I loved her sample more than any of the others. I do not know how she is able to match perfume to person, especially online, but her work is uncanny. I have have been looking for the right perfume for a year and now I have it thanks to Nazrin. I believe this  must be what it is like to have the personal attention of a perfume expert. She is truly an exceptional professional in her field. I HIGHLY recommend Nazrin's sense of perfume and her website. 10/1/2007

A wonderful experience! 5 Steven Muir Edmonton Nazrin is the most charming person to chat with.  She is genuinely interested in people and scents, and visiting her shop is a little holiday in itself!  Her selection is very choice, her taste is impeccable, and her insights are excellent. 12/10/2007

Another Nazrin fan 5 Beth California It's not the Shoppe, it's the Nazrin...

Just wanted to echo the army of appreciative customers... Nazrin is every bit as exquisite and rare as the fragrances she offers.   Not only was I able to find Un Lys here when it was unavailable everywhere else,  Nazrin spent the time to ask about what other perfumes I liked...  I received five fabulous samples with my order -perfumes that I don't see in 99% of boutiques.  I love this.   It's worth it to buy here -you'll smell gorgeous, and certainly won't smell like everyone else!

AMBER EXTREME 5 Frosso Charalambous Chania/Crete/Creece When I first smelled it,I was shocked. So powerfull, mystical, deep scent than made me pay the EXTREME -too, for my loan- amount to buy it. I use it always after my shower at nihgt,to make me ...dream of gardens by the`sea where I live..  BRAVO L'Artisan 12/18/2007

I want to visit in person! 5 Lara Australia I am about as far away from the bricks and mortar store as you can get but shopping online with Nazrin has been a fantastic experience and I recommend to all. Very generous samples and product is second-to-none. I am sampling away and dreaming of a trip to Canada to visit in person! 4/30/2008

Perfume Heaven with Angel Nazin 5 Shirley Ramsey Seattle I am a self proclaimed Perfume addict. I have shopped at many different department stores and perfume specialty shops but NOTHING can compare to my experience with Nazrin.  You will feel welcomed the moment you step into her lovely store.  I did not feel presured to quickly 'sniff' and buy, as I was told many times by Nazrin to slow down and take my time.  So to future perfume addicts or just lovers of fine perfume or to those who need expertise in picking the right scent you will not be dissapointed. 4/7/2008

sample review 5 Lori Perry California Nas, so far I'm loving the velvet flowers and la chasse aux papillons, crystal flowers... who are they made by and can i see them on your website? 4/2/2008

Do Yourself A Favour 5 penny Sydney Australia My daughter and I had a delightful time visiting Nazrin's lovely shop last week in Vancouver. It was a wonderful end to our 3 week Canadian holiday.
I love perfume but had become disillusioned with main stream fragrances so when I heard of Nazrin's personalised approach and pure ingrdients I made sure we paid a visit. We learnt so much about selecting the right components of a scent and I came away with a really beautiful fragrance that is just right. I will also be ordering one of the samples Nazrin gave me to try.!Do Yourself A Favour

Thank you... 5 Andrea Glenden, QLD, Australia I chose strictly from the description and am 100% satisfied with the 'Chasse aux Papillons'.  I can't believe how quickly my order arrived to me in my isolated, little town in Australia!  Thank you for the samples, as well.  I'm already choosing my next scent...


La Chasse aux Papillons 5 Andrea Glenden, QLD, Australia A beautiful, delicate, uplifting fragrance. After selecting it purely from its description on the website, I am so thrilled that it has lived up to my expectations!` 5/28/2008

Scent of a Woman 5 Gal Israel Naz,

Thank you once again for you utter care and professional approach.

For us you will always be a dream come true¦.not to mention your heavenly Scents....-)

Yours truly,

Gal  Orit

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Amouage Dia 5 Felicity McDonald UK A wonderful feminine perfume that I encountered on my first visit to Oman  the history of Arabia with its tradition of exotic perfumes is all in this sumptuous cut-glass bottle with its lovely domed top in rose gold. 5/31/2008

Extraordinary perfumes, Great service 5 Anna Detroit, MI I placed an order and after a while I realized that it will not arrive by the time I leave the country. So I called Naz and she rushed me a duplicate of the order overnight! Thank you Naz, the perfume was an absolute success and the samples you included are just great.
Anna, a very happy customer

Aoud Queen Roses 5 hollyc NS the best of the Montale 'roses'.  Aoud is less prominent but still lends its distinctive note for the first phase of the fragrance.  Settles down to a gorgeous sumtuous floral in which I find it difficult to separate out the notes.  Like all the Montales this is beautifully blended and unique.  It's staying power is somewhat less than say White Aoud or Sweet Oriental Dreams but still quite decent at about 5 - 6 hrs.  I think I'll have to own this. 6/19/2008

Incensi review 5 Steven Muir edmonton Incensi is interesting.  It has resinous incense notes at each level, yet it is not an incense-heavy or dryly resinous scent.  Its final effect is cool, contemplative, slightly detached or even melancholy.  In other words, you are not in a daytime church service experiencing chanting, colorful vestments and smoky incense.  Rather, you have wandered into a cool and silent cathedral in the evening.  Ghosts of prayers and incense linger and outside, there is silvery-cool moonlight.
With that impressionistic image, I analyze the scent.  It has a great galbanum opening.  There are those spicy-green celery leaf and dusty stones notes which I associate with galbanum.  To me this is a very attractive stage.  Then it changes to a gentle spice accord, with a bit of powder.  I find the spices to be subtle, a seamless mélange rather than clearly identifiable cinnamon or pepper.  The dry-down becomes cool and powdery.  The myrrh adds a slightly sweet, softly aromatic and perfumed note.  Normally I dont like powder but this has a haunting restraint that works for me.  Wearing this on a warm day gives a cool sensation.  I like it, it is different.

Uomo review 5 Steven Muir Edmonton This is mind-bogglingly good.  It produced an immediate DNA-lock on my system.  Do you ever try a scent like that?  You try it and say, âœthatâs exactly right!  It is so satisfying, so ME!  Well that is what I've found here.  There are two phases, each of them is excellent.  The first is a very green/citrus tone.  Both the top and mid notes have citrus and herbal components, and they are complex, invigorating and very appealing.  They meld into phase 2, the base notes of vetiver and sandalwood.  At first woody sandalwood appears, and it is dry and exotic.  Then superb vetiver concludes the show, aided and abetted by musk and a bit of patchouli.  I classify this as a vetiver scent, and I'd say it is one of the best I've tried.  It captures the spicy-grassy comfort zone of well-done vetiver. This always makes me smile. 7/4/2008

Talk About Wonderful Scents 5 Beverly Branner New York City, New York I had the pleasure of meeting Naz on a recent vacation to Vacouver. The scents wafting through the air outside her pretty shoppe drew me in. I could have stayed in this shoppe all day!  Naz is such a kind, patient and knowledgeable person.  She knows what scents will work for you.  When I returned to my hotel room and placed the sample strips on my night table by my bed I awoke the next day and could still smell the sample scents and knew I had found a great place for fragrances.  I told my boyfriend do not come over to this side of the room - this is the 'Naz' corner!  I hope to visit this beautiful city again and when I do I will run (not walk) to 'Naz's' Place.  Her scents are extraordinary!  Thank you Naz! 7/21/2008

Amazing intuition! 5 Robin Vancouver Thanks to the pure genius of proprietress Nazrin, I am the proud owner of a half dozen gorgeous bottles from The Perfume Shoppe. Here's the difference: they really and truly smell sensational on me!! So many times over the years, I've spent far too much money at department stores and been sadly disappointed  the sales assistants push the latest releases and don't really know how to help a woman choose a scent that really suits HER. Nazrin has a sixth sense about her customers, men and women alike, and will steer you to a fragrance that smells as if it was custom-made just for you. She's worth her weight in gold (better yet, in fabulous niche scents unavailable anywhere else in town)! Thanks, Naz. 7/24/2008

Nothing but the best! 5 Conny Toste Puyallup, Washington Thanks to Naz's advise I have finally found 2 perfume's that I absolutely love and constantly get compliments on.  I suffer from allergies so finding a perfume was always hard for me and often left me wanting until I found this wonderful shop.  I cannot praise Naz enough and the next time I am in the area I will stop by for sure. 8/23/2008

Coming back! 5 Kristiana Switzerland My first visit 2 years ago to vancouver was also my first visit by nazrin. I knew when I visit vancouver again I will come back. And here we are! As I don't like mainstream fragrances, I am so happy now to have once again something excellent. Thank you for taking time for us!

I hope to see you again!

My perfect scent 5 Catherine Strongman Burlington Ontario Nazrin knows her scents....I have never had so many wonderful comments on my fragrance, Sweet Oriental Dream....It is so subtle yet very alluring.....Loved shopping in your beautiful perfume boutique.....Can't wait to return.....Thank you... 10/5/2008

One of a kind 5 Susan Vancouver I absolutely love going to see Nazrin. As other people have commented, she is patient and gracious, and carries the most beautiful, unique (I would say even rare)fragrances. What's more, she knows exactly how to help you find a scent that is perfect for you. I currently own Divine, Alamut, Aoud Velvet and Roses Musk, and am on the verge of buying Cedre. I will NEVER go back to dime-a-dozen mainstream fragrances again! 10/10/2008

Inspirational 5 Victor Romero Baton Rouge, Louisiana Walking into Ms. Nazrin's shop is an act of inspiration.  You do not need to know about names or brands, just about what makes you happy.  Allow yourself to be comforted by a kind, gracious, and gentle lady who will find the fragances that will inspire you for months to come.  It has been four months since I visited her, and every morning, when I pull out the bottles that she gave me and spray a little cloud on me, all the happy moments of my life come rushing around me and walk me through the day.  I am just afraid that I have not thanked Ms. Nazrin enough. 10/27/2008

The best there is! 5 Lara Melbourne I just wanted to say thank you for my second international order, arrived lightning fast in Melbourne today. I will be back for my third when the Aussie dollar looks a bit brighter! Love those new PG scents . . . 11/12/2008

Perfect scent, exquisite service 5 Margaret McNeil Vancouver I am a Perfume Shoppe regular.  Naz always makes sure she has my favourite scent available, or provides me a sample or two until the order arrives! On my last visit I wanted to try an new scent, and Naz's unique ability to pick ones that suited my skin type and my lifestyle was amazing. I now have 2 scents that suit me perfectly.  She takes the time to get to know her customers -she truly cares that customers walk out with a perfect match.  She also makes sure I know how to store and use them to best benefit.  The price point is similar to department stores, but the quality and service are outstanding. Thanks Naz, and I look forward to my next trip to your shoppe! Margaret, Vancouver 11/16/2008

Wonderful perfumes, excellent service 5 Wendy Toronto I've just made my fourth purchase from Naz and I have always been very happy with the service I receive as well as the wonderful scents. My package arrived very quickly (within a week cross country)and everything was in order.  I hope to some day visit Vancouver and shop at Naz's store in person. 11/26/2008

A real find! 5 Cynthia Singapore Not only does Perfume Shoppe offer a great selection, but Naz was happy to ship a bottle to me here in  Singapore. It arrived quickly, and filled with several samples. It was altogether a perfect online shopping experience! 12/18/2008

A Pleasure.. 5 Anthony North Vancouver Always a pleasure to stop in at The Perfume Shoppe and allow myself to get lost in the marvelous world of exclusive, beautiful fragrances that are showcased in a lovely store and introduced by the most knowledgeable, friendly hostess.

Ever since I made my first Lorenzo Villoresi product (Vetiver) a part of my collection, other 'corporate' fragrances simply dull in comparison. Many have been given away as gifts, some are collecting dust.. I very much look forward to my next purchase.

My mother chose Amouage during her last visit and has never been so impressed with a fragrance - the first fragrance chosen for her by Naz after we tried over a dozen!

Thanks for the fond memories and wonderful service, as always - Happy Holidays to you and yours, and all the best in 2009!

Warm Regards,

The very best service 5 Kirsten Alvestad Norway The ordered perfume came yesterday. Thank you for a quick delivery, and the very best service. I sure will come back again. This was a beautiful experience in senses. I will recommend you to my friends.

Greetings from Norway
Ms Kirsten Alvestad

Memorable experience 5 Kathryn Lyons Bellingham, WA My best friend and I spent a wonderful hour with Nazrin, and both left with scents we love, due entirely to Nazrin's patient, intuitive, and kind attention and advice.  My memory of our time with her lingers and has become part of the pleasure of wearing the perfume she recommended. 12/19/2008

Chergui by Serge Lutens 5 Richard Maryland, U.S.A. Chergui starts off with a burnt fire embers and burnt incense opening but fades quickly into a rough medicinal, moldy-cinnamon and leather accord.  There is a heavy sweetness to this fragrance [perhaps the honey and the hay sugar)  a sweetness that comes from spices such as cinnamon, not sickly-cloying like candy.  The medicinal fades quickly as well and the sweetness stays around through the lifespan of the cologne.  There is a lavender-like facet to this scent, however, lavender is not listed so I would assume it is the combination of the iris mixed with the sandalwood and rose which gives Chergui a slight indelicate floral undertone.  The dry-down is very peaceful, meaning that it is a soft vanillic wood that reminds one of an exstinguished fire from the fireplace and the scent is lingering in the air still.

The sillage is somewhat moderate, meaning those close to you can smell it and yet, it does not announce itself  this cologne wears close to the skin.  Chergui is a strong fragrance but with a sophisticated, urbane demeanor.  The longevity is excellent...let's just say that you get what you pay for  well worth the money!

I feel this Eau de Parfum is more of a Winter fragrance.  One can wear this for an evening out, under a tuxedo, or to a board meeting.  Chergui is a very classy and elegant albeit different cologne, yet wearable.

If and/or when you are ready to splurge on an Eau de Parfum that is different and elegant, then I would highly recommend Chergui by Serge Lutens!

Excellent Service 5 Rosaria Brazil Thanks Naz for being so kind with your customers. I was very glad to receive the samples I bought. They arrived in perfect conditions. I hope to buy again from you soon! 1/6/2009

Highest rating! 5 Robin Vancouver No wonder my perfume-loving friends from around the world always ask, 'Are you really lucky enough to live in the same city as The Perfume Shoppe???' I feel blessed to be able to visit the legendary Nasrin whenever I need her great good humour and another exquisite scent   which is embarrassingly frequently! 1/14/2009

Wonderful, wonderful! 5 Yves Barahmi Australia Excellent products, excellent service. Ah, the satisfaction I gain from any contact with the Perfume Shoppe... 1/22/2009

The Best! 5 penny Sydney Australia Over the years I have often liked a perfume I was wearing at the time but rarely received comments from others. Since visiting Naz last year and being introduced to Montale Chypre Fruites I am often asked what the lovely perfume I am wearing is and where I got it from. 3/9/2009

A Delightful Experience 5 Alicia Washington My best friend and I visited the shop when we were on vacation in Vancouver.  I came in with one scent in mind and left with four completely new (to me) and exquisite scents.  Naz is an expert!  And she is so patient, testing dozens and dozens of scents for me.  Her business partner arrived midway through my visit and he also was charming and delightful.  I left with four lovely bottles of perfume, several samples, and a wealth of happy memories that will last me for a long time to come.  I would recommend the Perfume Shoppe to anyone who loves great perfume and even greater customer service. 4/5/2009

simply the best 5 Lauren Seattle WA The perfume shoppe is simply the best perfume shop I have ever purchased from. From Nazrin's AMAZING fine and rare frags she carries to this warm wonderful woman herself. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She always includes lots of samples and I love giving her my business!! On the frag board she is a highly regarded woman and I am SO GLAD I found this shop my wallet maybe not so much (haha) but I smell amazing!! 4/8/2009

With thanks for excellent service 5 carole saint john I had a bit of good news in my life, and wanted to celebrate with a new fragrance.  Luckily I called The Perfume Shoppe and spoke to Nazrin.  She was so warm, so personable.  After speaking with me she recommended another scent from the Serge Lutens line, and I am so glad she did.  I don't know how she managed to discern what I like over the phone but I now wear Nuit de Cellophane, and every time I wear it the lovely scent reminds me of the wonderful transaction, and it reminds me of the event I wanted to celebrate.  To me this is a priceless service.  I will return to purchase from Naz again and again with pleasure.


True Value 5 Valerie Hodge California If you can, visit this beautiful and tasteful shop. Naz offers a personalized service that few could compete with and her shop is filled with true perfumes - both the new and innovative and the tried and true. Naz has a wisdom and an intuition about which fragrances will work for the individual. She suggests that we keep our minds open and the results are often surprising! Being able to shop on line and still receive Naz's guidance is a feature that no other shop can offer. Thank you Naz! 9/8/2009

Amazing talent! 5 Sylvie Connecticut -USA Nazrin has this nice, warm and smiling voice, not to mention that she knows absolutely everything about perfume!
I order my perfume exclusively from her and I am NEVER disappointed.
Merci beaucoup Nazrin!

5 Star Service 5 Frank Montreal Recently ordered several products from Naz & I have to say, the service is outstanding!  Very prompt delivery as well. 10/22/2009

Word Of Mouth 5 Sandra Toronto I've seen numerous positive postings about Naz on several perfume blogs. Based on those reviews I decided to roll the dice and take a gamble on an expensive fragrance that by all accounts seemed to have all the notes I was looking for in a niche perfume. Through extensive consulting with Naz, she was able to reassure me that my choice indeed was everything I was looking for and more.  My roll of the dice payed off big time! I own over 100 bottles of fragrance, but none compares to this recent find. Naz has exquisite expertise in assisting a client with finding a fragrance that captures individual mind, body and soul, and in the process, her interpersonal communications cannot fail but to leave you with a sense of warmth, cheer and peace of mind.  A pleasant soul if ever I've met one, and I shall look forward to several more transactions with her in future.  If you're reading this, please do not hesitate to place your trust in Naz and her fine products..you won't be disappointed! 10/1/2009

Aoud Rose Petals 5 Therése Sweden This would, despite it\'s name, be so sexy on a man. A dark and mysterious rose. 12/10/2009

Aoud Queen Roses 5 Therése Sweden One of my favourites, so lush and rich. Beautiful roses and earthy oudh. 12/10/2009

Selection 5 Franco Caputo Kamloops, B.C. I wanted to take the liberty to extend a note on the level of service we received on our last visit.  New to the store, but referred by a friend, I was not sure what to expect.  Naz's diligence to service and her understanding of her product was completely over the top !!  She picked a perfume completely foreign to me but bang on!!  I would have no problem referring others to The Perfume Shoppe and continue with all my future purchases.  Thank you Naz !! 11/23/2009

a true jewel 5 Robin Oshawa, ON I had the good fortune to stop into The Perfume Shoppe while in Vancouver in September and can honestly say I have never received the level of personal customer service that Nazrin provided. This woman is an angel on earth. I can honestly say I've never met anyone like her. It was as though we had met hundreds of times before. Every cell in her being is committed to her business and sharing her expertise and knowledge of fragrance with those who seek it. I came away with some true treasures after the generous amount of time Nazrin spent with me. She has a true gift. We must ensure that we spread the word of the Shoppe. These are some resources we cannot afford to lose - Nazrin, or the products she makes available for us. Many thanks and blessings to you, Nazrin for a lovely visit and adventure! 11/17/2009

Simply Lovely 5 mack US I am compelled to write in praise of Nazrin and The Perfume Shoppe! The soul of friendliness and grace, Nazrin bent over backwards to get my birthday present in the mail and to me as quickly as possible. I am positively delighted to recommend Nasrin in the highest possible terms. 11/16/2009

My introduction to the Montales 5 Riana Australia I was browsing through a street-market bazaar on a recent trip to Florence and there was a richly soft deep black velvet coat with a voluptuous collar and huge cuffs that I just had to try on.  I put my hands deep into the generous pockets and twirled around in the morning sunlight. In the far corner of one pocket I felt something tiny and brittle - which I extracted - a small sample phial of an exquisite perfume. Amandes Orientales. This fragrance sent my sensory imagination into overdrive as the delicious cavalcade of sweetly evocative spicy ingredients tumbled suggestively into my day. Life was never the same again. My love affair with AMANDES ORIENTALES was born. 1/16/2010

Simply Lovely 5 Tanya Vancouver When I was first introduced to the Shoppe by a friend, Nasrin was kind enough to not let me leave without a sample, which she helped me pick out.  The scent was haunting - I could smell it even though the sample was long gone.  When I returned to purchase my own bottle, she told me that the scent must have been made for me.  She is lovely, as is any visit to her store. 10/20/2006

Memorable Visit 5 Robert Kim Martin Placida, Florida A first visit to Vancouver on vacation produced fine memories. One of the best is The Perfume Shoppe. Nazrin took my preference for a certain hard-to-find fragrance and in an hour's adventure, akin to a wine tasting, spun it into an appreciation of several other scents which I never would have discovered on my own. Thank you for your expertise and willingness to share it, Nazrin. 10/19/2006

Thank you! 5 B New York City Naz,
I just wanted to thank you for some of the best online shopping experiences I've had when it comes to buying perfume. You're quick to respond to my questions, and without fail, you have always included the numerous samples I have requested with my orders! For that reason, you have a customer for life!

Thank you. 5 Carole Green San Francisco Bay Area My husband and I were visiting Vancouver last week and discovered Nasrin's wonderful shop.  What a lovely experience.  I explained to Nasrin that although I love perfume, I have been unable to wear many scents due to allergic reactions.  Nasrin patiently and expertly helped me select a scent which I am able to wear and which I love.  And what a great selection of unusual and beautiful scents she has.  If you want to find the perfect perfume for you, go visit Nasrin.  Thank you again Nasrin.  Can't wait to visit you when we're next in Vancouver. 10/13/2006

Fragrance Fun! 5 Kristin Newport Beach - California While visiting Canada on a business trip, I happened upon this wonderful shop!  I was on a hunt for a particular fragrance, but found so many more!  I had a fabulous time experimenting with new scents.  Nazrin was very knowledgeable and pleasant.  I look forward to a long, fun fragrance relationship! 9/15/2006

La Chasse aux Papillons 5 Iris Vancouver A truly sublime fragrance with the purity, freshness and light touch of the actual white blossoms...tuberoses and jasmine captured in a bottle. 8/22/2006

A Joy to the Senses 5 Jean Sychra Chicago, Illinois After searching for many years for the perfect perfume experience, I finally found one at The Perfume Shoppe. The shop was filled with the most unusual fragrances selected by the astute,perceptive,and patient Nazrin. Nazrin was able to pick out the perfect scent for me by understanding my personality and by closely listening to my comments. Nazrin is truly gifted! I cannot thank Nasrin enough for the satisfaction I have with my new fragrances and for all of her enduring help.Thanks again, Nazrin! 7/30/2006

Hard to Find Perfume 5 Angele Vancouver Thank God for your store! I have been searching endlessly for this perfume - on ebay and everywhere else you can think of - until finally I was told I could find it on a link from VitaminV.ca It is my clear favourite after trying it at a friend's house. I can't wait to get it - thank you so much!!! 7/27/2006

Thanks! 5 Jessamyn & Jon Mount Vernon, WA Dear Naz,
I just wanted to thank you again for the lovely afternoon my husband and I spent in your shop. I very much appreciated your patience and
helpfulness. We had a wonderful time smelling until we couldn't smell any more, and we love the Mechant Loup and the Hyperessence Matale that we
took home! We are looking forward to our next visit to Vancouver.


etra by etro 5 pari toronto Nasrin,

After our second consultation, you were, yet again, right on the mark for suggesting Etra by Etro-what a marvelous scent.  It really is a refined and sophisticated fragrance.  At the same time, it is a very wearable day scent. 

Thank you for all your efforts Nasrin,


Parfumerie Generale Line 5 Lisa Wisconsin As always, Nazrin has the most fabulous fragrances to offer but the Parfumerie Generale line tops them all!!  I have almost the entire line and each scent is more beautiful than the last.  I've lovingly worn them all and Coze is my personal favorite along with Musc Maori.  Definitely worth a try to anyone looking for a more unusual scent.  The Perfume Shoppe is incredible - great selection, fast shipping and the best customer service.  You know I'll be back for more! 6/18/2006

2 Years in a Row 5 Don & Laurie Wasilla, Alaska For the past two years we've visited Vancouver BC, both times we've taken time to stop in the The Perfume Shoppe, and both times totally enjoyed the knowledge, enjoyable, and friendly Nazrin.  The fragrances were only a small part of the reason for the purchases   her attitude, warmth and time in selecting a suitable perfume was appreciated.  Of course, when she laughed when my husband said 'smells good' makes it all seem so simple.
Nazrin - We'll be back next June and look forward to another visit and purchase.

Wonderful! 5 Judith Boston I have always thought this was a great website, so when I was in Vancouver recently, I visited the store. Just wonderful!  A terrific selection of perfumes, and Nazrin was incredibly friendly and helpful!  The best! 6/3/2006

best retail experience ever! 5 Elke Vernon, BC Nazrin is a gem! She helped me find the scent that is perfect for me and which brings a smile to my face every time I spritz it on. Her passion for scent and helping the customer find the best scent for them shines through. I can't wait for my next trip to Vancouver! 3/6/2006

delighted! 5 Karen Good Salmon Arm, BC Just wanted to write a quick note and let you know how much I am enjoying my samples, and how thrilled I was to find your website (which I visit almost every day!) You have an amazing selection, and I hope to visit the store in person as soon as possible.



Outstanding customer service 5 Sabrina Chicago area Nazrin has been extremely helpful. After speaking with me regarding fragrances I enjoy, she was able to recommend several for me to sample. The samples were wonderful, and I immediately placed an order for two new fragrances which I probably would have never tried had she not suggested them. Thank you Nazrin! 5/27/2006

Wow!!  Great great shop and wonderful fragrances 5 John Bayless San Frasncisco aera What a great treat and blessing to stumble onto this jewel in Vancouver.  I  LOVE perfume and seek out the best shops and boutiques.  This is one of the best if not the best one I have found.  The shopes in Paris and Rome and all would be envious.  Nazrin is an expert and has an uncanny ability to know what you like and what suits you best.  What a great time we had.  Go GO GO !! 5/19/2006

Best Perfume Shop 5 Nima Vancouver I've lived in several cities across Canada, and I've visited a ton of different Perfume Shops. Often times I find pushy Sales Associates just trying to force something on you. Nazrins Shop is probably the finest I've been to in Canada, and I'm saying this after only one visit. I was literally there for 2 hours testing over 50 scents until I found the one that was me. Her knowledge, patience, kind heart and the comfy setting of her shop made me fell right at home.

Thanks again Nasrin, will be coming there more.

service 5 pari toronto Funny thing today...I finally found someone (Nazrin) who knows a thing or two about fragrances.  I am so looking forward to my sample package and my first order.  Thank you for all your help Nasrin.


Terrific Service 5 Karen Redfearn Seattle, WA I am very impressed with The Perfume Shoppe and particularly, with the excellent customer service provided by Nazrin. She took her time with my questions over the phone and the result was excellent samples, suited to my tastes, received faster than internal U.S. shipping!! This will definately be my #1 choice for future perfume purchases. Thank you! 5/14/2006

appreciation 5 jane ellison vancouver It is always a great pleasure to visit the Perfume Shoppe and spend some time sniffing gorgeous fragrances with Nazrin. She clearly loves sharing her great knowlege and is so patient in helping me select just the right perfume from her extensive, cosmopolitan,  and impeccable selection.

I am very grateful to live in the same city and have such access to her expertise and to the great perfumes of the world.

I look forward to many more years of our perfumed friendship,


Fragrance 5 Thomas Collinet Chicago area Nazrin is the tops in my book. Very knowledgeable about her product and wonderful to deal with. Great prices and fast shipping. You can't go wrong here! 4/24/2006

A Discovery 5 Margot Toronto I have been checking out this website for a year, finally took the plunge and called to place an order.  I received the package today and immediately tried on the Vétivier, which is wonderful.  I know I will enjoy it.  The service provided was excellent.  I feel that I have made a discovery.  I'll be back for more.

Carthusia Ligea La Sirena 5 Gloria LaRoche south Florida Exquisite and refined.  Lady like but very sensual and powdery at the same time. 4/10/2006

Voleur de Roses.... 5 Gloria LaRoche South Florida I LOVE this!  I wish I could say I've tried all the L'Artisan's but I haven't.  This was the first full bottle I bought of this line and I do not regret it.  It has enough Rose in it to call it a floral but the patchouli makes it a 'dirty rose' and a sexy scent.  Try it.  It's wonderful.  The more I wear it the better I like it.  I cannot be without this one in my wardrobe. 4/10/2006

Fleurs d'oranger 5 Gloria LaRoche South Florida This is one glorious perfume.  It has the spiciness of an oriental with the blending of the tuberose and orange...Zesty, fresh, and yet sexy.
Perfect for summer or winter.  I adore it.

Black Aoud by Montale 5 Jean-Maurice Bicard Montreal 5 stars for one of the longest lasting perfume!

I love this and I will buy one day Attar.


Maravilhas 5 Vera Lucia Alencar de Lira          Brasil Estou usando o Clive n 1 uma joia rara 4/2/2010

Excellent Service 5 Kelly Ontario Canada I recently purchased perfume from Naz that I had first bought in France.  I was thrilled to find that she carried this particular fragrance in Canada.  I placed my order online and promptly received a confirmation.  It arrived well packaged and ahead of schedule.  The best part was that Naz took the time to write me a personal note.  Will certainly recommend to all my friends and family. 4/7/2010

best kept secrets 5 Lissa Vancouver Naz, with her treasury of world-class, sumptuous array of fragrances is an oasis in Vancouver. The saying  the scented person is surrounded by angels  is a profound wisdom. I am so smitten! Try it! 4/10/2010

Exceptional 5 Bonnie Vancouver I don\'t think I have ever made a happier purchase my entire life, thanks to Naz\' expertise in perfume \"matchmaking. Also, her warm reception leaves such a deep impression on you that you can never forget the first visit and will long to return very soon. So glad to have stumbled upon The Perfume Shoppe! Much thanks, Naz!  5/3/2010

Excellent Service 5 Stephanie D. Mount Vernon, WA Stepping into the Perfume Shoppe is like stepping into a piece of what I imagine to be heaven. Nazrin immediately greets her visitors with a warm smile and handshake and takes the time to personally show you scents and choose those she sees as smelling great on you. She was on target with my first purchase from her, Parfumerie Generale's musky floral Drama Nuoi, composed of jasmine, absinthe, and musks. This is a beautiful spring composition. I intend to order from Naz online and will spread the word of her excellent service and selections. 5/5/2010

a happy experience 5 Marian Vaughan Langley After many happy hours reading my way through the online Perfume Shoppe, I chose to go for a visit in person one rainy day.  I could not have made a better decision.   Having survived that day some truly horrific shopping, coming in to the Perfume Shoppe to be greeted by her warmth and attention was a light in darkness.  Nazrin proved to be a wonderful guide to the treasures she carries. She listened closely to my preferences and, it seemed to me, observed even more closely.  I left with a perfume I love , and with a generous number of samples to try at home.  Once a favourite emerges I will go back  and after that again and again!  thank you so much, Nazrin. 5/5/2010

Paula and My Montales 5 Tamara Jackson Snohomish, Washington  I just wanted to tell you thank you for the wonderful personable service I received from sweet Paula in Arizona. I ordered 3 Montales in May from her and she was the kindest woman to me. I felt her good energy through the phone and felt a kinship to her from our love of fragrance. She made it a pleasure to give my $$ away! And when one of my perfumes got held up in customs , she called to let me know and reassure  me that all was well and I would get word as soon as it shipped. I am very confident in getting future perfumes from her. Thank you Paula.
And my beautiful Montales sit in a row on my dresser now. :)

Truly, Tamara Jackson

Thank you, Naz 5 Susan Vancouver For the care, attention and time you took to help me find my perfume!  I adore it!   6/28/2010

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All of you are correct in descriptions of Naz... August 3, 2016
Reviewer: ~~~tricia from California  
I met Naz thru emails years ago before she opened the AZ. store while I was looking for something...I don't quite recall which scent, it's been so long.  But somehow, I'll bet Naz would remember!  I used to live in Massachusetts but have moved to Cali, so perhaps one day we will just drive to Arizona!  I recall Naz as  tender, passionate and oh so filled with knowledge, even thru email.  I am delighted to find the site again and tho I am a collector, I can feel some shopping coming on!
Cheers to you dear Naz!!

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Thank You TPS! October 20, 2014
Reviewer: Jeff Whimpey from Sandy, UT United States  
Can't believe theres a perfume boutique of this caliber just hours away from me! Just received my Nasomatto Pardon and a sample of Amouage Memoir Man and Naz knows what I am after! I am looking forward to my next purchase from The Perfume Shoppe! LOVE!!

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Excelência January 26, 2013
Reviewer: Cássia S Souza do Carmo from Brasilia, Distrito Federal Brazil  
Minha primeira compra com a TPS e estou satisfeitíssima, o site é muito fácil de navegar, a entrega muito rápida, o produto bem embalado e feliz demais com as amostras. Com certeza, em breve novas aquisições.
Agradeço imensamente o pronto
Abraços à toda equipe TPS

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An international experience September 21, 2012
Well, I am from Rio de Janeiro / BRAZIL and I couldn´t be more happy with the TPS team!
Since my first contact they were warm, friendly and ready to help me in all my questions. All the channels are connected and I found answers through e-mail, facebook page, etc. Naz, Amyn and Rebecca are always direct and nice with me. I just have to say thank you all and congratulations for your good work.
I truly believe that this is a good friendship that is crossing oceans and becoming reality.
Don´t be afraid and buy a lot at TPS - your personal perfume shoppe!

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A Transformative Experience September 20, 2012
Reviewer: Felicity from Vancouver, BC Canada  
Before visiting Nazrin's shop, I believed I would never find a perfume I loved.  I have the kind of body chemistry that makes most perfume I'd tried smell bad within about 15 minutes, and find the  department store offerings uninspiring.  The scents seem artificial and mashed together - the aromatic equivalent of noise pollution.  

What a transformative experience visiting Nasrin's shop!  She is so lovely, her instincts and taste are impeccable and the perfumes!  I'd always heard about the mythical perfume that smells one way in the bottle and then turns into something sublime on the skin, and always assumed my body chemistry would destroy anything I put on.  On Nazrin's suggestion I tried Montale's Black Aoud.  The first 10 minutes or so it smelled a
little sharp and I wasn't sure.  But as I drove away in the car, a seductive dark smell of oriental roses began to fill the air, and ::shocker:: it was coming from me!  Needless to say, I'm hooked.  Thank you, loveliest of Nazrins!

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